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About Us

Handshakes4u Social Community is "Educational Driven" meaning we at Handshakes4u bases our services off of the demands of our members. Our Core Features include services similar to other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We also have incorporated a Social Sharing Feature allowing verified members to share content from Handshakes4u with your other social networking accounts, so this means you see a post you can share with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Telegram. All of these services are exclusive to Handshakes4u. Our Custom Security Options are tailored to meet your needs. We also have an awesome service called our Affiliates Program meaning verified members can receive cash compensation by inviting your friends,etc. And when they join and verify there membership you will accrue cash. Another option we have is the more active you are on the Handshakes4u Platform the more points you will earn, this is done by creating, commenting and reacting on posts as well as creating blogs. When you meet the required cash out and point limit you can request a cash out. Some really cool features we have incorporated: A. Social Community that is tailored to meet your Educational Networking Needs. Handshakes4u Educational Community will help you Connect with Experts and Students within Business Schools, Universities, Graduate Schools, and Online Degree Programs. We also have an extensive array of services for Journalists and Bloggers and we invite you to check out our services and we can custom tailor your experience per your request. We also invite any Small Business Training Centers or Business Mentorship Programs to check out our services and provide resources for clients.