About Handshakes4u University Hub

Handshakes4u University Hub

Handshakes4u University Hub offers College Student, Professors, and anyone in the Education Related Industry Sate of the Art Secured Online Platform to assist our members with services ranging from an Online Commuity to connect educators and other like minded indivuals with comprehensive services to form a community to allow others to communicate and calloborate about Educational Courses, College Events, Online Course Management Assistance, Educational Based Groups and Pages Development, Business Advertising, Fundraising Campaigns, and much more!

Our services are at our community's feedback, we are heavely involved with integrating Beta Testers from Colleges and Universities, we are here to assist students with a Custom Tailored Platform to asssit individuals in there Success.

We also offer a wide range of services ranging from:

Chat Rooms Platform

Video Streaming Platform

Photo Streaming Platform

Music Streaming Platform

Q & A Platform

Dating Service Platform

Viral News Platform

Online Course Management Platform

We are here to connect Education and Students "One Click At A Time"